—The Too Many Obvious Lies Of Bar. Edeoga’s Social Media Urchins

From Geofrey Agboeze

The greatest attributes of the frustrated and sacked Labour party governorship candidate in Enugu State, Bar. Chijioke Edeoga and his social media bandits are envy, pettiness, fixation and telling lies on social media against their political opponents.

They have told too many blatant and chronic lies against the Enugu PDP governorship candidate, Dr. Bar. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah and Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, erroneously and delusionally thinking that such will give them victory in the 2023 general elections.

They have Chief fabricators of lies and propaganda in the likes of one failed and frustrated journalist called Aniebonam Nwamu and Bar. Edeoga’s lackey called Francis Edeh.

They are the fabricators of all the mudslingings, blackmails and lies being shared on social media platforms against Governor Ugwuanyi, Mr. Mbah and other PDP candidates.

They, alongside thier paymaster, Bar. Edeoga and his sympathisers have been so embittered, rattled and angry since Bar. Edeoga lost the PDP governorship ticket to Mbah.

They have been so annoyed with Governor Ugwuanyi to the extent of recruiting, inciting and instigating some innocent and uninformed people, especially from Enugu North Senatorial zone against the Governor and his performing government using social media platforms to covertly and overtly peddle falsehoods against him.

It could be recalled that some few months ago, when the news broke that President Muhammadu Buhari would be commissioning the Pinnacle Oil and Gas Tank Farm Lagos owned and built by the PDP governorship candidate in Enugu State, Mr. Mbah, these Bar. Edeoga’s social media bandits fabricated all sort of lies against Mbah and the company which included that the Pinnacle company was built with stolen funds from Enugu state treasury during Chimaroke Nnamani’s administration, that President Buhari should not commission the company, because it is a proceed of state stolen fund and other obvious political lies that have become their stock- in-trade.

Despite their wasted and unrelentless efforts to frustrate or stop the commissioning, the company was commissioned by President Buhari as planned. Not relenting in their desperate bid to blackmail Governor Ugwuanyi and Dr. Mbah by all means ahead of 2023 elections, Edeoga’s social media e-rats have fabricated another lies against Governor Ugwuanyi, Mbah and Pinnacle Oil.

To make thier fake news look real, they introduce it with a catchy headline:” Busted! Enugu’s Funds Invested In Pinnacle Oil And Gas Ltd.”

In their blatant lies which have become synonymous with them, they have shifted from their earlier falsehood that Pinnacle Oil Company was built with the stolen Enugu money during Nnamani’s administration to another lie that the company is owned by a top government official in Enugu State, who used Bar.Mbah as proxy.
One should not be surprised to read before elections, another lies of these social media bandits of Bar. Edeoga about Pinnacle Oil, Governor Ugwuanyi, Dr. Mbah and other PDP candidates in the state.

Apart from their most recent lies against Pinnacle Oil, Governor Ugwuanyi and Mbah, these Bar. Edeoga’s social media miscreants are behind the circulating fake stories that teachers in the state are being forced to contribute money for a solidarity visit to Enugu Government House and that Dr. Bar. Mbah has been avoiding Senator Chimaroke Nnamani and Governor Ugwuanyi in the course of executing his electioneering campaigns across the state.

The above narrative is an exposition of the modus operandi of Bar. Chijioke Edeoga and his bunch of social media purveyors of falsehoods and fake stories against Governor Ugwuanyi, Dr. Mbah and other PDP candidates in the state especially in Enugu North Senatorial zone.
It has been observed, and it is crystal clear t

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