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Wordshot Amechi Ugwuele, you lied, you treacherous Brutus! Edeoga will NEVER be Governor

By Asadu Idigi

“One could better imagine the sharp, excruciating stabs one receives from his trusted lieutenants on the way to the battlefield. The criminal gang was on the payroll of government who never hid its venoms. They were driven by clannish interest, blinded to see the journey would only end in doom.” This was the summary of the 2023 polls.

But we now know them by names. The Brutus only deserved one thing; the hangman’s noose. Robert Greene, in his 48 Laws of Power, said one must crush the enemy until the enemy’s last breath is snuffed out. That’s just the true law of justice and of nature.

The first trait customary of a defeated traitor is to hold unto a straw-a last feeble straw, and like the last kick of a dying horse, muster to justify his acts of treachery and perfidy. That’s what our friend, Wordshot Amechi Ugwuele, has done after being mortally defeated both at the electoral field and at the court of law where justice was served.

However, the political Judas, instead of hanging himself in shame—like his namesake, Judas Iscariot—is here throwing the last kicks. It’s not in doubt that our friend, Wordshot Ugwuele, a former political appointee of the immediate past Enugu State governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, with his toxic cohorts, despite their ascerbic and cancerous acts of media terrorism, were roundly defeated at the polls by the electorate because of their unsellable but opportunistic candidate who merely rode on the wing of a moment he never laboured for and never believed.

The governorship candidate, rightly described as a pathogen in a parasitic relationship with the Labour Party and the swirling Obidients Movement, got flung out of the moving political tsunami by the core Obidients as well as discerning Enugu voters. He crash-landed before getting to his destination. His notorious social media minions, which Worthshort Ugwuele is one, saluted his bravery and political knack, turning themselves into electoral umpires in a deliberate step to blackmail Enugu voters. We’ll come back to this later.

Wordshot Ugwuele, in his folly, had written a few days back, shortly after the Supreme Court did justice to the legal battle his notorious wastel of a principal, Chijioke Edeoga had instituted, that Edeoga won the gubernatorial election, and berated the court ruling.

He did not stop there, in a probable act of frustration for an inordinate ambition that hit the brick, Wordshort wrote: “More of Enugu people are organically with him (Chijioke Edeoga), than Peter Mbah. Say whatever you want, that is the truth that is found in the streets of Enugu as against the charade at the Banquet Hall of the Government House.” An adage has it that a drowning man whose hope has already dashed, would want to drag anything with him. That is the representation of Wordshot and his strange bedfellows which Enugu voters have vehemently rejected as mendacious.

Let me reiterate this undisputed fact; Edeoga was never in the picture for the position of governor. The people of Enugu State knew he has no character, no charisma, no quality, and no sound judgement to lead a state as Enugu. Not even his Mgbuji community would want the buffoon be elected its president-general. Less the Obidients Movement, Edeoga was a ragtag no discerning mind had taken seriously for the topnotch job. This literally informed why he was jilted by the electorate despite the abracadabra that happened in Nsukka zone during the election.

The bitter fact Wordshort and his criminal cartel who had perfected ways of looting Enugu blind had Edeoga won, should force down their stomach is; His Excellency, Governor Peter Mbah, roundly, resoundingly and conveniently won Edeoga and his fellow social media noisemakers the people sobriquet as loquacious alarmists. They should continue to take this pill for their blood pressure for the next four years. We will not hand Enugu State over to mindless criminals. If they not at home with it, they should simply go and hang themselves. There are ropes sold everywhere around the markets and streets. We may even send some to them free.

Let me briefly address another issue raised by the treacherous traitor, Wordshort. He threatened that he and his criminal gang would “oppose Governor Peter Mbah’s government with every vigor and rigour they can muster”. Mr. Brutus, you just lied. Tell Edeoga and all that sent you on this journey of perdition that you’re doomed to fail. If what you’d issued was a challenge, then I’m accepting that with an open hand. I will run you out of Enugu State or back to your village to continue your wheelbarrow pushing.

It would be recalled that Edeoga and his social media miscreants were turned to objects of ridicule at the height of the elections because of the detrerence measures taken against them. They were decimated to media dwarfs and, indeed, with their self-inflicted spirit of Ajija, even the few clannish voters that had sympathy for their cause made a volce-face by retracting their dance steps towards Edeoga and misguided warriors. They became a pack of dafts trounced out by the electorate.

Wordshot made a pig-ignorant and dumb comparison between the situation in Enugu state and that of Kano state. It’s stupid of him if he couldn’t see the joy in people’s faces that a man they had prayed for over the past decade had finally been elected. But did he expect Enugu people to become violent or take to deliquent behaviour against the opposition because their preferred candidate won? Governor Peter Mbah is a perfect gentleman who would never subscribe to violence and abuse of the opposition regardless of the fact of the betrayers like Edeoga, his benefactors and their social media goons. Celebration was done according to civilised dictate. Enugu State is a peaceful state because a man of peace is on the throne. In fact, the government has within seven months what Edeoga would never do in four years. That’s what leadership is all about.

It is unfortunate that Wordshort would still have the face to write such a toxic epistle after it became clear that he was the political Judas who betrayed his boss, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, and sold him for a thirty piece of silver. Wordshort was a Special Assistant under Ugwuanyi, earning in millions monthly for media assignment, and other hoax projects he designated, cashew, palm and nut farming. That project was a subject of imagination that served as a conduit pipe for draining the state. He was a member of Governor Ugwuanyi’s Strategic Force, but the mole was feeding Edeoga and his sponsors with information, sabotaging the government that brought him out of extreme poverty to a limelight. Was it not Wordshort who was roaming the streets like a vagabond until Ugwuanyi picked him up out of pity.

It was the same Wordshort who lobbied to be included in the PDP Campaign Organisation, Enugu State, as Deputy Director, Mainstream Media. The renegade was considered only to be mining information for Edeoga and co. It was this asshole that was pestering around Governor Peter Mbah before the election, claiming to have Nsukka zone on his palm and demanding money that his generation would never make in a thousand years. But we were warned. He Nicodemusly swindled the PDP while working for Edeoga who had promised to make him a Local Government Chairman if he won.

It still baffles me that the Solid FM would still retain or keep Wordshort after using the medium to fight the government for selfish interest. This is why government and all people of good conscience must severe ties or partnership with the Solid FM if it continues to keep Wordshort as its staff.

Let me end it by telling Wordshort that we are not afraid of going back to the trenches should he continue with his unguarded utterances. He should deal with his frustration and keep Governor Mbah out of his predicament. The traitor should be taught how to deal with Brutus. After all, Chijioke Edeoga will NEVER become Enugu State Governor.

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