Re- Enugu 2023: All Is Not Well With Enugu PDP As Peter Mbah Flees From His godfathers – Ephraim Edeh

By Ephraim Edeh

Ordinarily joining issues with Barr Chijioke Edeoga and his camp of shameless liars and patrons of falsehood by responding to the above titled post published by Akelicious blog on December 9, 2022 wouldnt have been my best bet but for the fact that Edeoga and his camp have perfected the art of turning lying into an acceptable virtue rather than the vice it is. They are perhaps prodded by their warped belief that lies sell faster than truth among the great many who lack discernment.

Of of their latest lies is the claim that all is not well within Enugu PDP as the gubernatorial candidate, Peter Mbah flees from his godfathers. Lies build up in the imaginations of the liars and are given birth to by depraved minds. To therefore conclude that
Chijioke Edeoga whose candidacy was nullified and equally described as a hoax by the Federal High court is not disappointing those who know him. The beleaguered politician has yet taken another of his trademark route which is lying, to cover the truth that stares the society on the face which is his unreadiness to lead the state even from the rear. To him, truth is an accursed virtue while lies is venerated as morally right. He seeks to lie his way into reckoning through falsehoods calculated and designed to mislead the unsuspecting. All through the pre-party primary election, we witnessed trending lies against other aspirants as well as leaders of the state. We can’t forget how he treated us to a vortex of lies claiming that he was the preferred candidate of the Governor. But lies have life span which liars do not control. Their ends are in unmitigable.
Shamelessly, he and his merchants of shameless opposition in Enugu, who hold Professorial seats in lying acknowledge the fact that in life lies play critical roles. They believe that through lies people’s views can be impacted on positively That is the level of dishonesty he has descended to. But we know that honest politicians do not lie nor do they believe in the Machiavellian end of life. Rather they believe that good cannot come out of bad, thus the process should define it’s outcomes from outset.
As queer and weird as lying is, Edeoga has a long history and tradition of lying and of shamelessly insisting before his hangers on that there are possible positive outcomes they can bring about. Much as we concede to his rights and privileges to lying over serious matters, we will continue to teach that his position is inconsistent with normative democratic culture which puts morality and truthfulness as core virtues. The “principle of veracity” should be a minimally necessary basis for a democratic society to function, considering the common human intuition to favour truth over lies.

It is in extending his libido for lies that he and his team claimed that nside sources reveal that Peter Mbah does not want to be seen with or near former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani. According to them “he barely takes his calls and has repeatedly expressed exasperation with his former boss’s overbearing behaviour and his series of attacks on ordinary people at the slightest opportunity”. This can only come from diseased and sick minds as Peter Mba has continues to relish his relationship with not just Dr Chimaroke Nnamani but every notable leader in the state without let, seeking advice and fatherly blessings in his day to day engagements with Enugu State People at home and the diaspora.
Continuing their threadbare and stiff necked lies, the post states that Dr. Peter Mbah’s second nemesis, the current Governor on the other hand is reportedly insistent that no significant decisions can be taken by the guber candidate without express clearance by him. While the candidate is reportedly unhappy about the situation, he has taken it with equanimity”. A clear headed dissection of this claim will lead one quickly to conclude that the authors are sick and

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