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Ikem Okuhu, Were you Born of a Woman?

*** Re: Reuben I do not fight those I respect

Ebere Eze

I read with vicarious shame a piece from Ikem Okuhu where he wrote some terribly obscene things against the mother of Reuben Onyishi, and I could not phantom it. The first question that came to my mind was whether Ikem Okuhu has a mother. Was he born of a woman? I thought that Ndi Igbo has a saying that Nne di nso. Why should someone because of politics leave the person you engage and begin to talk about his mother’s private parts. Does it not smack of primitive savagery unbecoming of someone born of a woman? Even animals do not revile at the place from where they were born, let alone a human being.
From that stupid write-up, I can conclude that Ikem Okuhu is foolish and degenerate. He must be a despicably rude urchin mouthing obscenities unashamedly. How come it that he has no respect for the sanctity of motherhood. Can you imagine what he wrote against one’s mother because of politics? No decorum, no civility! Barefaced vulgarity of someone who claims to have passed through the university! Was Okuhu born of a woman? How come it he desecrates the hallowed precinct of motherhood? There is no one born of a woman who read what he wrote that would not revile at such a brutish animal. Shame on Ikem Okuhu!

I am sure Ikem Okuhu must be telling his co drunkards at beer parlours how his wife screams when he makes love to her, how loose or tight her private part is, whether her breast is big or small, and whether or not she has big nyash. Such a despicable animal has no place in the comity of civilized people. I don’t know who Ikem is, but I can say authoritatively that he is a beast which should not have been born. Such a wasted sperm is a shame to humanity.

If Okuhu had faced Reuben Onyishi and left his mother out of it, I have no business writing this. But the way he violated motherhood in his diatribe is unacceptable to all women and mothers who must curse him. I, however, learnt his father already cursed him after he had beaten the man up and that , to date, they are not on talking terms. I also learnt he had no value for his mother before her death, leading to umuada rejecting his being present while the woman was being buried. It is a pity.

Tufiakwa! Ajo nwa!

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