Enugu Monitor, Aniebo Nwamu and Avalanche of Fake News Against Ugwuanyi, Mbah

From Christian Ozonta

For those who may have been swayed, mesmerised or hoodwinked by the avalanche of fake news and lies being fabricated and peddled by one failed Nsukka mainstream journalist, now a notorious social media bandit for Nsukka Labourers, Aniebo Nwamu, worry no more.

Nwamu created Enugu Monitor blog for the purpose of fabricating and spreading falsehoods and propaganda against Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Barr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah and nothing else. Lest we may have forgotten. It is a fact that fabricating and publishing of lies against people after receiving gratifications alongside other unethical and sharp practices were factors that caused Nwamu his job in the mainstream media and made him Nsukka Labourers’ social media terrorist without shame or conscience.

Anyone who has clearly and carefully observed and followed publications on the Enugu Monitor blog will realise that the blog has never had any worthy or factual news content and articles except fabricated concocted lies and propaganda against Governor Ugwuanyi and Barr. Mbah written in the same language, style and pattern.

Recently, Nwamu fabricated and peddled two fake news simultaneously against Governor Ugwuanyi and Mbah in line with the Labour Party governorship candidate, Barr. Chijioke Edeoga’s resolve to continue the fabrication and peddling of fake news against Ugwuanyi and Mbah, as a sure, means of discrediting Mbah’s victory after losing the governorship seat to him.

It was Nwamu who conjured and peddled the fake news on Enugu Monitor that quoted Governor Ugwuanyi as saying that Mbah didn’t tell him that he had a fake NYSC certificate. Not too long after, Nwamu, through his fake news blog, Enugu Monitor peddled another falsehood saying that Governor Ugwuanyi travelled to Abuja to sort out the alleged NYSC certificate forgery against Mbah.

These fake news and many others before now were figments of Nwamu, Edeoga and their cohorts’ imaginations. It is known that fabricating, propagating, purveying and spreading of lies and propaganda against Governor Ugwuanyi and Mbah are the major preoccupations and antics of Edeoga and his social media bandits even before Edeoga lost PDP governorship primary and jumped into Labour Party.

It is not surprising that Edeoga, his cohorts, sponsors, and social media purveyors of falsehoods have continued with the same style that has failed them repeatedly. Edeoga, who claims to be a journalist and lawyer should have known that fake news and propaganda have no place in law and constitution of the country, hence no amount of it will secure him victory at the tribunal.

Just as none has secured victory for Edeoga in all the frivolous court cases including that of the NYSC certificate that he sponsored and his proxies instituted against Bar. Mbah before and after the elections.

For those who may be wondering why Edeoga and his social media brats have continued to saturate social media platforms with fake news against Ugwuanyi and Mbah even after losing in the election, the reason is simple and clear. They are doing so with all these debased, known and anticipated propaganda against Governor Ugwuanyi, Mbah and his election victory to sustain the declined enthusiasm and hope among the Nsukka Labourers and their supporters after losing the governorship election and project a fait accompli scenario before the conclusion of the judicial process.

Barr. Edeoga, Nwamu and their partners in fabricating and purveying lies against Governor Ugwuanyi and BarrMbah are better informed that they are threading on a dangerous path that will ultimately consume and finish them when the inevitable second loss is recorded at the tribunal against them.

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