Breaking: Enugu Guber Poll: How Labour Party Leaders, Two Ex-Ministers Used Obasanjo’s Son, Military Officers to Rig and Intimidate PDP Supporters

From Joseph Adagbo (Abuja)

As the Enugu State Labour Party members especially in Enugu North Senatorial District (Nsukka zone) have continued to wail and lament over their loss of governorship election to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Barr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, investigations have revealed how a serving army general and inventor from Igbo-Etiti LGA, Major- General Victor Ezeugwu and a former president’s son in the military, military personnel and retired generals across Enugu State were lured and hoodwinked into the Enugu governorship election by Chief Nnia Nwodo, a former Minister from Igbo-Etiti LGA and his counterpart, Prof Bath Nnaji, a former Minister from Nkanu East LGA to help them rig the election for Labour Party governorship candidate, Barr. Chijioke Edeoga by intimidation of PDP supporters, voters and manipulation of the process in favour of the Labour Party.

The son of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Brigadier-General Olugbemi Obasano, was drafted to take over as acting Garrison Commander at the 82 Nigeria Division of the Nigerian Army Enugu just few weeks to the elections.

According to our sources, his father, the ex- President was reached by the two ex-ministers from Enugu State that were behind the Labour Party. Edeoga is married to the daughter of Chief Nnia Nwodo’s sister, Mrs. Grace Obayi (nee Nwodo).

The ex-president quickly directed his military son to work with the two ex-ministers from Enugu State, serving and retired generals to deliver the Labour Party candidate, Edeoga in the governorship election.

In line with the ex-ministers’ plans, the serving Major- General from Ukehe in Igbo-Etiti LGA used his position to deploy armoured vehicles and military personnel close to him from Kaduna and other Northern states to Enugu for the governorship election with a standing order to work with Labour Party members and leaders to deliver Edeoga in the election.

As directed, the military personnel from the North working with Brigadier General Olugbemi Obasanjo the acting Garrison Commander in Enugu alongside retired generals from Enugu State especially Enugu North Senatorial zone were seen across communities, polling units and collation centers intimidating and harassing PDP supporters and members, while protecting and aiding Labour Party members and loyalists to commit electoral fraud.

A source in the military who pleaded anonymity and confirmed the security conspiracy against PDP in the governorship election in Enugu disclosed that the former president’s son worked as instructed with Rtd Major General Chika Ezugwu from Obukpa, who threatened in a trending voice note to shoot voters in Nsukka if they dared to vote against Labour Party, Rtd Major General Chris Eze from Udenu LGA who is a known Labour Party member, leaders of Labour Party, serving and retired military personnel to harass and intimidate PDP members and leaders in their polling units and homes across Enugu State especially, Nsukka and its environs. “Unfortunately, this compromised security arrangement is against the rules of engagement in the military. It is against our rules for serving and retired personnel to operate and work together in any official assignment or engagement,” the military source revealed.

A staff of INEC Nsukka office who also pleaded anonymity disclosed that the military personnel attached to their office gave top chieftains of Labour Party unhindered access to their office and materials for the election, while PDP leaders who made efforts to enter the office were sent back.

“What the military personnel and other security agents attached to our office do is to ask visitors if they are for Labour Party or PDP, if they answer they are for Labour Party, they will be allowed in but if they say that are for PDP they will send them back immediately”.
“It is not in doubt that all the military personnel posted to Nsukka for election worked for the Labour Party. I later heard that it was the same scenario across the state. At a time we at INEC were afraid of our own security and safety considering that the military personnel have taken side with Labour Party which shouldn’t be in the first place.

“Even during the collation of the results, the military personnel didn’t allow any PDP leaders to enter the place, but many Labour Party members and leaders were there mutilating and manipulating the election results.

“For instance, the original votes for Labour Party governorship candidate in Nsukka was 17,000 as against the 10,000 for the PDP governorship candidate. The Labour Party’s governorship candidate votes were changed to 30,000 votes at Nsukka INEC collation centre by Labour Party leaders led by Senator Elect of Enugu North Senatorial zone, who also compromised my colleagues and Party agents to sign and authenticate the forged result,” the INEC staff disclosed.

Below are the names and phone numbers of serving and retired security personnel that worked for Labour Party candidates against PDP candidates in the governorship and State Assembly elections in Enugu North Senatorial zone.


  1. Nsukka LGA /Zonal Cmdr
    Major Ukwuani
    Capt Andrew
    Lt Ibe
    Lt Abdullahi
  3. UDENU
    Capt Idris
    Lt Animashaun


  1. DC Operations
    Enugu SOJI
  2. Area Commander Nsukka
    ACP Hassan
  3. Area Commander
    ACP Obasi Emma

1.Gen Chris Eze Rtd

  1. ACP Rtd Mark Nwigba
    0803 6777195
  2. Okey Ambrose Csp
    Rtd 08037038878
  3. DSS rtd Director

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