Election: Edeoga, LP Raise False Alarm
…. Afraid Of Defeat

By James Onah

Ahead of the March 18 governorship/ State Assembly elections in Enugu State, the Labour Party governorship candidate Bar. Chijioke Edeoga and his party have raised false alarm accusing the PDP led government of planning to use thugs to harass voters and rig the election.

In a statement personally signed by him, Edeoga raised a false alarm and unfounded allegations bordering on planned mayhem and rigging against the security agents and the Enugu State government without any evidence or iota of truth.

Coincidentally and unfortunately for Edeoga and his party, their unfounded allegations and false alarm against Enugu State government are not different from what their social media bandits led by Aniebo Nwamu, Francis Edeh, Ikem Okuhu and others fabricated and peddled on social media platforms.

There is nothing new in what Edeoga and his hired purveyors of falsehoods and malice did and have been doing before. That is typical of them since the commencement of the governorship battle.

One thing that is obvious is that Edeoga and his party are afraid of impending defeat in the election that is inevitable.

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