Peter Ndubuisi Mbah: Why Do the Heathen Rage and Imagine Vain Things?

By Eze Nwamadi, Ogbonna Asadu and Ezema Igwenunu

We read with amusement some fake narratives obviously written by one old hag called Dons(dunce) Eze, using a pseudonym, Kachifoo Nwobodo. Dons (dunce) entitled his fiction: “Peter Mbah Slumps in NYSC Office: Told his NYSC Discharge Certificate Is Fake” And one is bound to ask: why do the heathen rage and imagine vain things?

Since Chijioke Edeoga began his misguided ambition to rule Enugu State, all manner of despicable make believe narratives and vain imaginations have been introduced into Enugu political discourse. Edeoga in his quest to vilify everyone against whom he contests has sold himself to the shame of lies and fake propaganda. Edeoga is behind all the tell tale lies making the rounds in the Enugu political circle. It is unfortunate and shameful of someone who aspires to be a governor. Governor gab’te imi utaba, as Ogbonna Asadu would say. As he runs for the governorship, Chijioke Edeoga has no manifesto. All he does is sponsor all manner of damaging falsehood against Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, the incoming governor of Enugu State whose acceptance has spread among Ndi Enugu like wild hurricane.

Dons Eze is one old man in his 70’s who behaves like a child. Whether he goes for senility or childishness, no one can tell, except that Dons is a dunce who has practised journalism at a very low ebb for over 40 years, and has absolutely nothing to show for it except lick the farts of Chijioke Edeoga, someone whom he is old enough to father. Dons is sold to Edeoga for whom he slavishly plays a Man Friday. Incidentally, the brief shortish old Dons is as poor as a church rat. He is ragged and rustic, and smells like a he-goat. Dons would wear one clothe for weeks and never takes his bath. His nostrils are often filled with dirty white hair in turfs around which are formed cakes of mucus which he every now and then pulls off with his livid index finger and rubs it in-between his thumb and the index. Dons is poverty personified and he lives it out with unkempt outlook. He shrivels in absolute poverty, yet he follows Chijioke as a goat or dog would its owner, helping him to spew vile contents that have no bearing on truth. The little that the stingy Chijioke Edeoga nibbles to him gets him crazier as a motivation to revel in the diminished task of character assassination. If care is not taken, Dons Eze will join his ancestors through the correction service should he continue this way. He had been ignored and indulged for too long and may have compelled upon himself a lesson of his life.

Dons Eze is not the only slave attached to Chijioke Edeoga.The Edeoga camp is a groundswell of deteriorated derelicts, a conundrum of effete journalists to the likes of Ikem Okuhu and one demented Aniebolam Nwamu, a bunch of inverted sexuality who often do the beast with the back in a most despicable orgy of illicit sex. The latest catch to the fold is one obese fool called Nonso Ugwunweze, a beastly fellow who goes about scamming people with the claim he works for Governor Ugwuanyi. Ugwunweze was appointed a TA to Governor Ugwuanyi but works for the opposition. His attempts to scam the Nsukka Local Government boss is his albatross, and he has been going about castigating the chairman and the governor, using pseudonyms. He fawns around Ikem Okuhu as a dog would its owner. Ugwunweze is a story for another day, a study in villainous perfidy.

Dons Eze in his fictional bunkum had claimed that Peter Mbah slumped at the NYSC office when told his certificate was fake. This old fool is indeed senile. He lacks sense and concocts lies which lack in probability. NYSC suddenly realized they issued Peter who fully participated in the national youths service programme fake certificate. Since Peter served, what reason has NYSC to deny him his certificate? What offense did he commit? Why would Peter forge NYSC certificate when he fully took part in the one-year programme? The narratives that Peter collapsed at the NYSC office is laughable and infantile. Chijioke Edeoga should have known that Peter Mbah is unfazed by his many besmear campaigns against him. Chijioke had churned out in algebraic quantum such campaigns during the build up to the gubernatorial elections and they all perished before Peter who beat Chijioke roundly at the primaries. Edeoga has yet to learn the lesson of his political life. What purpose does the claim that Peter collapsed at NYSC office serve? Seeing that the false allegation of certificate forgery has failed as their other fictions, they now resorted to fairy tales of how they themselves collapsed and not Peter Mbah who is impervious to their childish skimmington ride, a diminished task of clowns and simpletons, the street gossips who people the Edeoga camp of imbeciles.

Why do the heathen rage and imagine vain things? Why leave issue-based campaigns for besmear campaigns against the innocent? Since Peter Mbah began his campaign, he has never called anybody names. He has focused on issues and how to move Enugu State from its present state to better pedestals. Why then would the opposition leave issues and concentrate efforts at tarnishing the image of this innocent young and visionary leader, an uncommon gift to the people of Enugu State? Why! Thank goodness neither Peter nor Ndi Enugu are distracted by the wiles and idiocy of the indolent riffraff sedimented at the cesspool of villainy from where Edeoga shrivels.

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