Has anybody taken time to observe and ask why is it that since the conclusion of the primaries of Enugu State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) that made some losers of the exercise to quickly defect to the oppositions, where they have been struggling to be seen or accepted by the voters ahead of 2023 elections, they the (losers) are still more obsessed and interested in the PDP affairs than the way forward in their noisy and paperweight opposition parties that are struggling for presence and impact.

Why? It is just because the losers in PDP primaries now masquerading as oppositions are still pained and enraged for not being accepted or given the PDP tickets to contest. They know quite well that PDP is the party to beat in Enugu and it will win the elections.

In obvious expression of their umbrages and conspiracies against the PDP which have continued to fail them, they have been fabricating and propagating different fake news, videos and articles against the PDP, its leadership and candidates on different social media platforms using pen names and pseudonyms.

It could be observed and confirmed that one of the greatest desires of the oppositions especially the Nsukka labourers which they have been assiduously working for in collaboration with some unscrupulous elements within and outside the state is how to scuttle the PDP’s chance of participating in the elections, using compromised court processes.

That is why the Nsukka labourers, who have been labouring in vain, even in Nsukka axis which in their figments of imaginations they see as their stronghold have been more celebratory and interested in Chika Idoko of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Bar. George Ogara and other frivolous suits filed in different courts to see if they can distract the PDP governorship candidate, Bar. Peter Mbah, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and other PDP candidates ahead of the elections.

No wonder, the Nsukka labourers that have not removed the logs in their eyes filed a useless suit to be joined in Idoko’s suit against the PDP. Having seen that nothing meaningful has come out and will come of these frivolous suits, the Nsukka labourers and their social media e-rats have resorted to writing and peddling fictious and malicious articles against the PDP and its candidates. One of such fake articles is the one titled “Enugu State PDP in Disarray: State Exco To Be Dissolved” written with an alias, Clement Agbo.

In the fictious article which the Nsukka labourers and their fabricators and purveyors of falsehoods have been peddling on social media platforms with enthusiasm, it was alleged that Enugu PDP is at a crossroads without stating how, except the same frivolous suits filed by oppositions and their cohorts that are of no consequences or effects on the PDP primaries and the forthcoming general elections that PDP stands a better chance to win comfortably in the state.

There is another fictious news story in circulation by the oppositions specifically Nsukka labourers, where they alleged that the Enugu State government and the PDP have compromised the Labour Unions in the state ahead of 2023 elections. There are many fake stories and articles they have fabricated and peddled. There are many others they are fabricating to peddle as usual, because that has been their stock-in-trade.

It is not in doubt that the oppositions in Enugu State are not prepared for the 2023 general elections. Apart from not campaigning for votes and supports, the Nsukka labourers and its governorship candidate, Bar. Chijioke Edeoga have no manifesto or work plan for Ndi Enugu.

They have concentrated their noisy and sentimental activities in a particular part of the state, Nsukka to be precise, living in absolute delusion and hallucination that Nsukka votes alone, which they will not get in the election will make Edeoga governor. The Nsukka labourers have dissipated more energies and time in fabricating and peddling falsehoods and lies against Bar. Mba, Governor Ugwuanyi and PDP candidates than campaigning for votes across the state less than two months to the general elections.

It is high time someone should once again remind the oppositions, especially the Nsukka labourers and their divided and crisis-ridden, Enugu State All Progressives Congress (APC) counterpart that elections are fast approaching and the known antics of social media mudslinging and campaign of calumny against Bar. Mbah, Governor Ugwuanyi and PDP candidates will not secure them victory at the polls.

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