Edeoga’s Goat Bleats again, a Rider to Mbah, Ossai, Ozioko: Three Peas in the PDP Intimidation Pod in Enugu

By Eze Nwamadi and Ogbonna Asadu

Common sense has shown itself not to be common. We have seen this play out clearly in the electioneering process, leading to the 2023 general elections within Enugu circle and the higgledy piggledy approach to it by the rebellious camp of Chijioke Edeoga who purportedly is the governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Enugu State. Edeoga has on all fours taken a leftist approach to politics, throwing decorum and civility to the wind.When Edeoga and his ill-bred minions are not generating calumnious make believe narratives against perceived opponents, they are busy circulating such as has been generated by their cronies elsewhere. Edeoga and the likes of Ugo Agballa and Uche Nnaji of the APC have found a confluence in the idiocy of false propaganda.

The likes of Ikem Okuhu, a former appointee of Governor Ugwuanyi, like Edeoga himself, got hooked to the despicably diminished cause by vile intents founded on vendetta. While the iniquity of overambition robbed Edeoga his seven-year position as a commissioner in Ugwuanyi’s administration, Okuhu was tactically edged out for his manifest ineptitude and moral bankruptcy. While Edeoga was yet untainted, he had led the governor’s media team he was later to hijack for his selfish end to deal with Ikem’s childish attack on the governor with his lackluster trifles in the name of articles. So, what has now changed that two archenemies would find a common ground to bite the finger that fed them? That is a story for another day.

In regard to Okuhu’s juvenile allegation of intimidation of the opposition by Peter Mbah, Ifeanyi Ossai and Walter Ozioko, the chairman of Nsukka Local Government, anyone who reads Ikem’s article would wonder whether he has his brain in the leg. And of course, he has his brain in the leg. How does seeking to clear one’s name of damaging reports tantamount to intimidation? Ifeanyi Ossai had in the past asked the police to investigate himself over alleged claims that he defrauded the state, even when he had no dealings with the state. Those who laid the accusation were fished out to defend it. Those boys were to go to jail but for Ossai’s forgiveness of their indiscretion. They two realized their mistakes and apologized. That very scenario would have served as a deterrent to Edeoga’s e-rats who take pleasure in circulating or, to use Edeoga’s mischievous word, “escalate”/ing damaging fictions against political opponents. But they would not learn.

Ifeanyi Ogenyi who is now helping the police to prove the allegation of Ego Ndi Enugu video himself is a lawyer and while he “escalated” the video, he was reminded the implication of circulating such a damaging and unproven video content against Pinnacle Oil and Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, the governorship candidate of the PDP in Enugu State, but Ogenyi would not hear. He dismissed the advice as “thrash.” Ogenyi was an appointee of the governor, yet Ogenyi would castigate the Ugwuanyi administration for no reason other than the selfish ambition of Chijioke Edeoga for whom he plays a man Friday. He like Okuhu was sacked, and he got neck deep into defamation as a way of drinking to the lees his cup of vindictiveness. Ogenyi should have known that whatever you share on the net, you take responsibility. Ifeanyi Ogenyi should point to them behind the video he shared or bear the brunt of defamation. So, how does that amount to intimidation? There is a limit to vile politics as Edeoga is wont to play it. Such impunity has come to its elastic end as no one would brook such mischievious defamation any more.

Why didn’t Okuhu share that video? If his sun is not afraid, let it shine at night. Akin to this was the book he had threatened to publish against his benefactor, Governor Ugwuanyi, two years ago. We are still waiting for that publication two years after the stupid threat. This is not how to play politics in the 21st Century. Edeoga has brought his political career to the brinks by electing to bring to his fold of dissidence such controversial derelicts of Okuhu dimension, if Aniebolam Nwamu is another. These deteriorated journalists have made the matter worse for Edeoga and his misguided ambition.

Peter Ndubuisi Mbah may be gentle and forgiving and that perhaps accounts for why all manner of false and defamatory contents are concocted and circulated with impunity on the social media against his person. It will not be bad to set an example of how not to damage one’s reputation with lies. Ifeanyi Ogenyi would have to prove the Ego Ndi Enugu claims and also point us to his accomplices.

Ikem Okuhu is belligerent, rebellious and shamefully controversial. He has no respect for any constituted authority and has paid dearly for it as he was sacked from every organisation he ever worked. His claim that Walter Ozioko, the chairman of Nsukka Local Government, intimidates people is false. If anything, Walter commands a high level of acceptance and goodwill among Nsukka people. He is a performing chairman who has made tremendous impacts in the lives of the people. Nonconformists like Okuhu would always feel intimidated, moreso as the leaders he has mentioned are far younger than himself. Peter Mbah, Ifeanyi Ossai and Walter are young leaders who have prudently carved a niche for themselves in their world, while Okuhu like a loafer drank away his life at beer parlours, gossiping like market women. Even when Governor Ugwuanyi gave him a lifeline, he messed it up, chosing to frolic with women of easy virtues while the job suffered.

Ikem Okuhu would not write a word without mentioning Reuben Onyishi whom he had tried to poison. Indeed, he poisoned Reuben but by now should wonder why Onyishi is still alive. It all happened at Top Ranks Hotel Enugu. The person he sent knows that we know him(details in another article). Onyishi has never defamed anyone. He is a skillful writer who knows the right words with which to achieve the meaning he intends to send across. So, there is nothing with which to hold Onyishi down, unlike Ifeanyi Ogenyi who would rather take to downright libel.

Ikem Okuhu mixed up a lot of issues in his silly article. Governor Ugwuanyi has the right of association and the G5 question has a cause and does not in any way vitiate Ugwuanyi’s commitment to the delivery of the PDP whole and complete in Enugu State.

Bleating intimidation as this Edeoga’s goat is wont to do is a waste of time and energy. The fact remains that no one is being intimidated. It is they who brought the ant-infested fagot into their compound and should therefore not grumble at the visit of lizards. Ifeanyi Ogenyi deliberately chose to murder sleep and so shall sleep no more. If Okuhu likes, let him bleat from now to Monday, Ogenyi is called to question by retributive justice. Let the slave that watches another thrown into the abyss know that when his time comes, he shall thus be thrown too. Escalate for Edeoga what you can defend or go in for it. Enough is enough!

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