The Anointed Candidate And Plea For Endorsement

By Onah Kenneth (Esq.)

It was on the evening of 24th January, 2022 that I was summoned for a meeting of “The Young Patriots” at Hotel De Carel, Enugu.
The meeting which started at 7:20 PM, featuring 48 out of the 50 members of our association ended at 10:32pm.

The meeting was presided over by our President, Barr. Onochie Benjamin, a senior lecturer in the department of Political Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, with other highly placed individuals in the society.

At around 8:15 pm, the expected guest; the then regarded ‘Incoming’ arrived. He was aspiring for a guber ticket from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party. A man who was popularly known as “billboard candidate” because his billboards were spread all over Enugu State. Many politically less aware individuals who have come from other states for one business or another must have easily thought he was the incumbent governor of Enugu State.

Our guest took the floor to address us, “It is with utmost joy that I am privileged to be in your midst today. I couldn’t have completed this consultation without identifying with the noble Patriots. I assure you that come 2023, I am going to form my government cabinet with the members of this group.”

Chijioke Edeoga went on and on. What still baffles me to this day is that Edeoga took me into confidence as a long time friend from Adada Secondary School, that his cousin, the present governor of Enugu State had assured him that no matter what it may take, the seat of the governor of Enugu State shall rotate along their bloodline. He said, “Kenneth, didn’t you know it was ordained that Isi-Uzo will join Enugu East in order for me to be the governor of Enugu State? It is a fait accompli that my cousin at a time like this will be the number one citizen of a state in order for me to take over. In order words, I shall take over”.

From Edeoga’s visit, though he is a bosom friend of mine, I have my reservations about him. I know Edeoga likes biting the finger that fed him. You can’t equally take it away from him that he is always a power intoxicated being. Recalling the incident that transpired during his days as the council chairman of Isi-Uzo where he issued directives without caring whose ox is gored. Edeoga could only brag about his relationship with the current governor in the assemblage of all the Patriots. We itched to hear him talk of what he will do for the purpose of uplifting the state to a better height. We were agog to hear Edeoga speak on his eligibility to run for such even when we all in Enugu were complaining that the environment of the city is lost in dirt under his leadership.

Hell was nearly let losed when Engr. Obiora Onyebuchi asked what his candidacy would be like when a state ministry of environment under his watch collapsed. Onyebuchi is one man that can stand before any mortal and throw your sins before you with no care for any repercussions. Engr. Onyebuchi went further to remind him how his administration as the Chairman of Isi-Uzo paired badly, a situation he has nothing to boast of, but the fact that he impoverished the people.

The vexatious Onyebuchi couldn’t hold his anger and disappointment as all pleas for him to tune down his voice fell on deaf ears. He further asked Edeoga what happened to Isi-Uzo allocation when he was in the ministry of Local Government Matters. At this juncture, the Chairman of the association could not help but be agape as all was inquisitive to see more light thrown on the matter.

Edeoga could not raise his head up anymore. He kept his head down and shook his legs ceaselessly while he tried to get hold of confidence as Engr. Onyebuchi thundered effortlessly, asking him to speak on how he banked on the maternal relationship between him and the governor to milk the 17 local government council chairmen for the period of 48 months he was in that ministry, a situation he forced the local government chairmen to remit N1.5m monthly for the publication of their projects in a state owned newspaper called Enugu LGA News Magazine.

We were shocked to our marrow when Edeoga was finally given an opportunity to respond to the allegations of Onyebuchi but could only say that “we can’t keep dwelling on the past but must leave it to move ahead.” Though not satisfied with his little response, the members were able to struggle and gave a standing ovation to the face-shamed guber aspirant who left with cold feet.

Few days to PDP guber primary, Edeoga was spotted on numerous places and events receiving congratulatory messages, throwing money in jubilation that the governor had privately called him to say he is the next governor to come. His followers were seen taunting other candidates for losing the guber ticket, needless do they know that he who enjoys the blessings of the gods becomes the expected Ijele masquerade.

As people always say, Eze si na chi (Kingship cometh only from God), Peter Mbah emerged the winner of the PDP primary election, and Edeoga opened a floodgate of allegations against Peter whom God has declared that the growth and base of Enugu State shall be built on. Edeoga quickly swung into action, recruiting all the social media wolves in the state he could get to constitute nuisance on all the social media space. For Edeoga, the fight must go dirty if it should be the only way to mount the seat of power, hence the concocted lies peddled in the video making the rounds on social media.

It was quite disappointing that Edeoga who could not afford to present his manifesto before Ndi Enugu will have the time to engage the services of a hungry choir mistress to sing a song of lies, deceit and evil. To Edeoga my embittered friend, Peter Mbah’s Pinnacle Oil and Gas success story has passed a lot of positive messages to Ndi Enugu that the tomorrow which they have been craving for is here, therefore, the only thing to get his (Peter) reputation ruined was to sing the song of “Ego Ndi Enugu”.

The Ego Ndi Enugu song has been sung but needless for Edeoga to know that Surugede is the dance of the spirit. Peter has walked upon the serpents and scorpions and they could not harm him because the lord has charged his angels to take charge over him. Peter’s image can’t be soiled by any mortal because he is coming to be a servant of the people, a voice to the voiceless and a father to the fatherless.

Edeoga, right from time has always left major issues only to pursue frivolous things. He is totally bereft of ideas of what a guber candidate should do. Well, he will not be blamed because this is the first time he has ever run for an executive position that is elective. The other elective positions held was the making of Senator Chimaroke Nnamani who single-handedly sponsored his campaign, hence Edeoga’s ignorance of political contests.

Though he came visiting, but the young Patriots never endorsed his candidacy, not because he can’t wear the shoes of governance, but for the fact that since Edeoga’s political gray hairs couldn’t not transcend to his display of political wisdom, which ordinarily would have been felt in all his past positions was a total flop.

Right before the full members of the group, Edeoga was again embarrassed when he came to announce his aspiration under the Labour Party. One member had asked Edeoga the reason for porting to the Labour Party after he had promised support for Peter Mbah and collapsed his structure for him. Edeoga stammered and said it is his right to go to any political party he wishes. Yes, it is true, but what he never knew was that he put his integrity to question by doing such.

It has become more obvious that the things Engr. Onyebuchi said about him before the full house after his first consultation was true. Edeoga has a chameleon personality and that is why no meaningful political heavyweight defected to LP with him.

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