By Odoh Ugochukwu

Amidst the endless echoes of “I am the candidate” candidate, the candidate” the embattled and now sacked factional governorship candidate of Labour Party in Enugu State, Barrister Chijioke Edoga was videoed intercepting Peter Obi at an event held recently. In the video making rounds on internet, Edoga and his team, appearing to have gate-crashed the event that had the presidential candidate of labour party in attendance, made frantic efforts to gain the attention of Peter Obi.

Unrelenting in their bid to get Peter Obi’s attention, take pictures with him and probably make portrait of them for political gains, Edoga and his men, now became more respectful and began to shout “your Excellency”, your Excellency he’s a candidate”, candidate”.
While the shouting match from Edoga and his team lasted, Peter Obi was busy exchanging pleasantries with dignitaries at the occasion and upon realizing the anxiousness of the State Labour Party men, gave them a momentary respite.

Without attempting to shake hands with Peter Obi, Edoga, immediately after being given attention, signaled his aide to take pictures without delay, as if it was a lifetime opportunity to meet Peter Obi. Obi who, from his countenance, was not interested in the whole show, looked at the direction of the camera man, smiled for few seconds and immediately left for more serious business while his orderlies trailed, forming a shield in a bid to stop further intrusion from Edoga and his team who were already savoring the few seconds spent with Obi.

The ignominious scenario above underscores the disconnection between Enugu State chapter of Labour Party and the party’s presidential candidate Peter Obi. The later, from all indication has realized that the state chapter of the party are more of business men who want to hide under his acceptance to sell their otherwise unsellable image. This, obviously, was the reason behind the fact that when Obi visited Enugu State few months ago, he drove straight to meet governor Ugwuanyi, without giving a hoot over the state chapter of Labour Party.

It can then me rightly averred that Edoga and the rest of his foot soldiers who are latching on the seeming acceptance of Obi to sell themselves to the electorates can be said to be labouring in vain. This is because Obi has seen them for whom they are; business men who neither have the interest of the masses nor labour party at heart. Their interest is only on getting hold of campaign funds to share among themselves.

It is embarrassing how a said governorahip candidate of a party is not known nor recognized by the party’s presidential candidate.
The plea for ‘picture bargain’ with Obi underscores the non-acceptance/recognition status of Chijioke Edoga and the rest of business men masquerading as labour party members in Enugu State.

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