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Just In: Edeoga speaks on state police, proffers solution to rising insecurity in S-East

The recently removed Labour Party gubernatorial candidate in Enugu State, Chief Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga, has suggested the way forward on the issues of insecurity bedevilling the South-Eastern region.

The ex-guber candidate who in an interview conducted by Raphael Ede of Punch newspaper few hours after a politician and his brother was killed in Enugu, said that true level of insecurity in Enugu State and the entire Igbo nation is such that needs immediate deployment of Nigerian military to conduct a thorough cleansing of the land through its earlier operation conducted in 2017 called Operation Python Dance.

Mr Edeoga went ahead to lambast the detained leader of Indegenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for equipping jobless Igbo youths with arms and ammunitions, stating that the purpose of Biafran agitation has been totally defeated since the emergence of this militia wing of the secessionists.

He further asserted that state police should be encouraged by all in order to clampdown the activities of IPOB members and its militia wing.

“It is now pertinent for the governors of the South East to come together and meet the Nigerian Army to repeat the same Operation Python Dance that restored sanity in the land in 2017 when this thing started initially. The Igbo nation needs urgnt clean up. People are being killed like chickens, the kidnapping index is topping the list and our people are no longer safe with their businesses.

Igbo nation is bleeding. People are being killed and properties destroyed. Our economy is weeping and people are now living in fears. Those fighting the state police are the same people supplying the young boys with ammunitions. Last month, I blamed the governor of Enugu State for keeping the already arrested IPOB terrorists alive even when the court has convicted them and placed them on death rows. What is holding him from perfecting the words of the constitution so that other youths will be deterred? Today, Enugu State is the worst hit and it is not good for our progress.” Edeoga added.

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