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The Rise and fall of Chijioke Edeoga

By Edwin Omeje

There is always a rise and fall of every empire. Leaders of most empires we read in our history books met their waterloo as a result of greed and senseless expansionist desire.

In the build-up to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship primary in Enugu State, one notable politician who held the airwaves captive for over five months was Barr Jonathan Chijioke’ Edeoga, a veteran of media propaganda.

Edeoga during the time floated an organization called “Ka Isi-uzo Jee”. A notorious association renowned for their rowdiness and breach of protocol. During the local government campaign tours, Edeoga used the obstreperous support group to block the entrance leading to the venue of every campaign ground. His brainwashed jesters would ensure that they crowded a vantage position where the governor would see their placards. If you dared the group, then be ready for war. Every radio station in Enugu enjoyed the regular patronage of “Ka isi-uzo Jee” jingles. Edeoga billboards were in all corners of the State, funding was not an issue as sponsors were in high supply.

Before the party primary was conducted, Edeoga was too powerful. And if not for the act of God, he would have stampeded the governor to do the unthinkable and damn the consequences.

Once a reputation is destroyed, it is difficult to restore, but the press conference granted by Edeoga where he handed over his structure to Dr Peter Mbah who won the primary would have helped to restore the little dignity he had after his past misdeeds . But the olive branch he extended to Peter Mbah did not last.

Edeoga rather opted to toe the line of dishonesty by accepting to be a Labour Party governorship candidate through the back door. As a lawyer and journalist, he should have known that intrigue is a short legged beast that hardly gets to its destination. A short cut has no any other name.

The Eha-Amufu born politician does not choose his fights wisely. Anyone with similar ambition must be crushed completely. His recent battle with Chief Evarest Nnaji (Odengene), will however be his last.

When Adolf Hitler wanted to invade the Great Britain, Winston Churchill, then British Prime Minister warned, “Hitler should study English history and contemplate his doom.” The decision by Edeoga attack dogs to mudsling respected political leaders including the State governor was a suicidal mission. That alone has generated an army of enemies who now wish him speedy exit from the political space.

An hour is a long time in politics. The war of supremacy between Odengene and Edeoga has badly affected the fortune of the Labour Party in Enugu State. So many members are leaving in droves to Peter Mbah’s camp. Few days ago, a diehard supporter of Odengene, Hon Arthur Ede left with over 3000 associates to Peter Mbah’s camp and last Tuesday being 8th of November 2022, former Councilors numbering 3018 from Enugu North Zone, led by Celestine Onah paid a solidarity visit to Dr Mbah promising to be his foot soldiers in the forth coming election.

It’s of no use waiting for Labour Party primary election as demanded by the Abuja Federal High Court, those remaining are there for Peter Obi presidency and nothing more. Nobody likes inconveniences.
Dr Peter Mbah is focused and more in tune with the expectations of Ndi Enugu.

However it goes, Edeoga is about to be retired from active politics and it’s a sad way to end a career.

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